This November, 100 of North America’s leading local business leaders will be in San Francisco for a meeting of the minds. It’s not just another conference, it’s a conversation where successful entrepreneurs from 80 markets will be celebrated for their accomplishments and given a platform to inspire colleagues with new ways of running a buzzed-about local business — both on and offline.

Leaders at Yelp will ask for feedback on what we’re doing right and how we can improve and together we’ll dream up innovations that make using Yelp easier and lot more rewarding.

Yelp’s Coast-To-Coast is a celebration of the business owner community and a forum for driving their continued success.





San Francisco is home to an enchanting waterfront, vibrant neighborhoods, and a spirit of reinvention. Most recently, The City By The Bay has become the physical home of your virtual world, including Yelp’s headquarters in the famous South of Market district where Coast-To-Coast is held. We’ll also enjoy the colorful Mission district for a community dinner and meet in the storied North Beach area for a cocktail reception.



Effective entrepreneurs are part of a unique community eager to support one another by exchanging resources that help each other grow. That’s why we assembled the Coast-To-Coast Advisors Alliance, a group of 21 returning business leaders, voted on by their peers, who have proven they excel at using today's tools to build better businesses. They'll captain presentations and co-pilot discussions about the topics that are most important to you and your business.


Local business leaders tell us they prefer small group settings, presentations sans slides, and opportunities to dialogue about challenges and uncover new tips for growth alongside peers. Coast-To-Coast is blend of inspirational presenters, small group breakouts, productive workshops, and time with different teams at Yelp.


DEBBIE RABINOVICI,  Cafe Curuba  – Coral Galbes, FL Coast-to-Coast 2015 Attendee

"Since its inception, Yelp has worked hard at building a community of Yelp reviewers. It's refreshing to feel, for the first time, that Yelp also wants to motivate businesses and wants to teach them how to take advantage of this ever-more-important site."

Cafe Curuba – Coral Gables, FL
Coast-To-Coast 2015 Attendee